World Fantasy Convention

Attending the World Fantasy Convention in Los Angeles at the end of October. Just a regular attendee, but I’m looking forward to it.

Who Con

I’m preparing for Who-Con in San Diego! Yay! The San Diego Doctor Who Convention ‘Whodunnit’ is one of California’s leading fan based, non-commercial science fiction conventions, noted for its quality of programming. It runs from October. 4 through 6, 2019. I’m attending as a guest, in person, for the first time, and featured on several panels including Doctor Who on Stage, the History of the Female Doctors, Fan films and many more. I’m enthusiastic and excited.

The Luck progress

The Luck – revisions have been sent to my Editor at Five Rivers. I’m happy with that one so far.

Bear Cavalry

A True (Not) History of the Icelandic Bears – the cover has been commissioned, and I’m looking at roughs. This is a funky weird story, not necessarily for everyone. It’s a short novel, but written as a documentary movie, and it combines history, science, biology, war, politics, the influences of pop culture, and humour, and draws on so much esoteric knowledge in such peculiar ways, I feel like my entire life has lead up to this.


Lexx Volume Two, To the Ends of the Universe – cover is done, editing the manuscript, and it should go up online any day now.