What Devours Always Hungers

Fossil Cove Press

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What Devours Always Hungers

Fifteen frightening tales of terror.  Monsters and men in masks, hungry ghosts, vengeful vampires, things that howl in the night.

The Squad:  A homage to the slasher films of the 1980’s. What if those terrible, unstoppalbe men in masks were recruited by the army to do their unpeakable work.

The Hold:  Cordell had watched his wife die, but now she wouldn’t let him go.

Piggyback:  An FBI officer finds himself on the trail of a dangerous serial killer.

Viruses of Quiet Desperation:  He failed to save her, and she died. But she’s not really dead, and the walls around reality are breaking down.

Silence:  A thief breaks into a house only to find that it belongs to a killer. Before she can escape, the killer returns with a new victim.

Write Me:  In the far future, a man seeks to divorce his five year old son.

Moonwalker:  The world is dying, the rich have fled to the moon. But Lacey is making herself into something that can live in this dark new world.

The First Men:  An H.P. Lovecraft tribute. Before apes walked upright, they were the first men, they walked and dreamed and built cities. The were the ones who came before. And they’re the ones who know what comes after.

Secrets:  A man finds a magazine devoted to serial killers, not a fan magazine, a trade publication.

The Vampire’s Provenance:  A Vampire has been captured, three men are invited to hear its dark history.

Time in a Bottle:  Accidentally, a group of scientists captured the ultimate monster. Now they can’t let it go.

New Age Rising:  Deep in the Amazon, explorers have discovered magic. But now they’ve loosed it like a virus into a world with no resistance.

The Perfectionist:  It’s just a reality show, people send in their videos…

Wyrms:  A shapeshifter entices a man with her story.

The Squad:  Centipede:  The Men in the Masks are back, facing an assault from another dimension.