There Are No Doors in the Dark Places

Fossil Cove Press

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There Are No Doors in Dark Places

A short story collection. The bad things never rest.  Ten Terrifying Stories of relentless evil, unstoppable horror, the heroes who struggle and sometimes fall….

A Long Walk in the Hard Winter:  The snowmobile broke down, as he walks the lonely path, there’s something waiting for him…

Changing Faces:  A terrified man discovers that after an accident with a chemical truck, he’s begun to turn into movie monsters…

Lanie:  A pregnant teenager, all on her own, finds that something out there hungers for her.

Mister Shepherd: Lindsey was an up and coming journalist, before she ended up in this town and learned its secrets.

Fighting the Beast: The apocalypse came, civilisation shuddered, but continued on.

Allison:  She had her whole life ahead of her, until the accident left her paralysed. Now she’s pregnant.

Neck Row Man Sea: A single mother, trapped and alone, learns a magic word.

Suicide Generation:  A Detective learns a serial killer’s secret. It doesn’t help.

The Wizards of Huckleberry Finn: A psychologist interviews a terrifying killer. Is he insane, or is he being haunted by a relentless ghost?

Voices:  A dying man discovers that his cancer is talking to him, and it doesn’t realize it’s killing him.