LEXX Unauthorized, Series 2: The Light at the End of the Universe

Fossil Cove Press

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LEXX Unauthorized, Series 2: The Light at the End of the Universe

Half Star Trek, half Monty Python, half Bunuel and Jodorowsky, Lexx mixed science and surrealism with dark humour and a sense of pure anarchy. Paul Donovan was an obscure regional film-maker producing B-movies, Halifax was a sleepy coastal city in Nova Scotia. No one could have predicted that this would produce the strangest space opera of all time.

Volume Two chronicles the second season of twenty episodes, the dramatic changes in cast as Xenia Seeberg and Louise Wischermann replace Eva Haberman and Doreen Jacobi, and the wild experimental creative process, a dozen alternate episodes that were abandoned in process, the making of the musical episode Brigadoom, and much, much more….