The Fall of Atlantis

Fossil Cove Press

The Fall of Atlantis – A quartet of subversive speculative novelas, exploring the strange corners of the human imagination, mixing fiction and fantasy with genuine science, history and biology. A blend of science fiction and fantasy, fact and fiction, these stories take you to the strange corners of the earth, to imaginary pasts, forgotten futures, buried lands, and strange alternaties, to make the unreal  real and show you the unknown worlds buried in the familiar.


  • The Rise and Fall Of Atlantis – Atlantis was never real, it was just Plato’s fable. But what if there had been a mysterious island continent in the middle of the Atlantic? What would it have been like? How would it have formed? What would have lived there? Who would have raised up a civilisation, and what would have been their fate? This is not mere daydreaming, but a rigorous dissection of geology and plate tectonics, biology and species movement, history, agriculture, metallurgy, economics and the rise and fall of civilisations.


  • The Retroverse, An Accidental Cinematic Universe – Remember all those sci fi movies of the 1950’s and 1960’s, when being a scientist was manly, when women were plucky, and monsters were latex? Remember that gleaming era of optimism,  filled with gleaming silver spaceships, the boundless confidence that there was no problem science and teamwork couldn’t solve, and there was a different alien invasion every week? What if all those movies were connected. What if, together, they constituted a secret history of outer space?


  • When the Romans Sailed the Atlantic – fringe archeologists claim that the Romans or Phoenicians made their way to the the Americans Alternate histories fantasize about Roman colonies in North America. The truth is that it was almost impossible. But if it was possible, how would it have happened. We explore a fascinating pathway, a road never taken, that could have lead the Phoenicians to South America, and the Romans to a new empire in a new world.  And all it took was… coffee!


  • A Different Greenland, Where The Ice Never Came – The largest Island in the world, buried under two miles of ice for millions of years. What lies beneath the ice? Radar mapping has revealed its shape, and this inspires bold new speculation. Suppose it had never been buried?  There would have been a vast central sea, ringing mountains, fertile plains in the south and icy tundra in the north. There might have been mammoths and camels among the herds of musk ox and caribou. The people who settled it over the millennia would have had vastly different lives, perhaps even the beginnings of a civilization.