Coming Soon!

The Luck

Five River’s Publishing – Scheduled for August, 2020

The prequel to the Mermaid’s Tale. The Nameless Orc receives an unexpected visitor: An injured gnome. Unravelling the mystery of the Gnome sets her in the middle of a secret war in the city between desperate factions, all searching for the ultimate magical prize, a supernatural object known only as … the Luck.

Lexx Unauthorized, Volume Two

Fossil Cove Press

Chronicling the making of the second season of Lexx, as a hapless security guard, an undead assassin, a transformed love slave, and an amorious robot head, blunder through space on a ten mile long dragonfly that blows up planets, never noticing the universe is disappearing behind them. Lexx was one of the most inventive, subversive and surreal series ever made, and this is its story.

Yongary versus Pulgasari

Wild Hunt Press

Yongary, Monster from the Deep, was a South Korean Godzilla clone that trashed Seoul in 1967.  Pulgasari, was a North Korean giant monster movie set in the medieval period of Korean history, released in 1984. Both of these movies, and movie monsters, are in public domain, and free to use.  So in this novel, the two Korean Kaiju rise up into the 21st century for an epic smackdown!


There Are No Doors in Dark Places

Fossil Cove Press

Our second collection of horror stories.  Voices – a man talks to his cancer, and it answers. Neck Row Man Sea – a lonely single mother discovers black magic. Allison – a woman trapped in her body resenting what’s growing inside it. Wizards of Huckleberry Finn – there’s something worse than a serial killer. Suicide Generation – the end of humanity.  Changing Faces – a man keeps turning into monsters.  Mister Shepherd – a reporter discovers the secret of a kindly old man. Lanie – a lonely pregnant teenager finds herself hunted. A  Long Walk in the Dark Night – the snowmobile has broken down, now there’s something out there in the dark.