Giant Monsters Sing Sad Songs

Fossil Cove Press

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Giant Monsters Sing Sad Songs

Nine scary stories of Melancholy Horror. Of scares and sadness, of poignant nightmares and sweet despair.

Fossils: A poet follows a giant monster through the streets of abandoned Tokyo.

Flirtin’ Out Back With the Sasquatch Kid: A teenage girl encounters the last bigfoot.

Skin: A necromancer’s attack shows a woman discovers that her life is only skin deep.

Life, Love and the Necronomicon: The true history of the mad Arab and his era is revealed, along with Lovecraft’s dark connection.

Regrets Child: A nurse to a dying woman meets her hungry ghost.

The Dead Quarter: After the Apocalypse, the living and the undead share a disintegrating world.

Tell Me: A hunter finds a child vampire.

Killing Hot: A young man with a secret crosses the country, seeking revenge for his sister

Anomalous Phenomena and the Inevitability of Mass Murder as Contemplated on a Transit Bus:  An encounter with a holocaust survivor gnawing at the foundations of reality.