All right, so tentative convention scheduling happening.  I’m mainly doing this for myself, so I can keep track.
TORONTO WRITERS WORKSHOP – April 5 and 6, Toronto – Been there, done that, did the follow ups.
INDIE WRITERS CONFERENCE – May 4 and 5 – Happening in Toronto this weekend. Basically, there to learn about marketing and career development.
OHIO WRITING WORKSHOP – May 10 and 11 – Online pitching.
KEYCON – May 17 and 18, Winnipeg – Looks like I will be doing a few panels –
Do Books have a Future,
* Twilight of Echelon with Robert Pasternak and others, Saturday 3:00 pm
* Do Books Have a Future, Saturday, 8:00 pm
* Reading, Sunday 1:00 pm
* Alternate History, Sunday 3:00 pm
NASFIC – July 18-21, Buffalo, New York. Submitted for lots of programming, stay tuned.
WHEN WORDS COLLIDE – August 16-17, Calgary – Good news, I have been accepted as a programming panelist. Being run by a new bunch. Much harder to get in. Stay tuned.
WORLD FANTASY CONVENTION – October 17-20, Niagara Falls, Can. Programming not open yet.
CAN-CON – November 1-3, Ottawa. Programming not open yet.
That’s about it. If Fanquest is happening in Winnipeg this year, I might try for that.  Or if something comes up.  I’ve also volunteered to do presentations and workshops for  the MWG.  At this point, I’ve done three Presentations for the MWG and Writers organizations in Toronto and British Colombia.  Well, if nothing else, I’m putting a lot of time and energy into pretending to be a writer.
I think that’s going to be enough. Next year, maybe just a couple of conventions, tops. Worldcon in Seattle, and maybe one or two others.