Update! Books and Stuff!

So…  here’s what I’ve been doing lately.

LEXX Unauthorized, Season Two – From Here to the End of the Universe, edited and finalized, released March 31, about 90,000 words. I’ve started on LEXX Unauthorized, Season Three. But I think I’ll give that some time before releasing.

Then I wrote, rewrote, revised, adapted, extended, edited, revised some more, edited some more, designed covers, formatted no less than three collections of stories.  The Fall of Atlantis, What Devours Always Hungers and There Are No Doors in Dark Places.  Full disclosure, a lot of these stories were already written. But there were partial stories that I completed, there were revisions, there were a lot of stuff that amounted to compiling and writing from scratch.  So, a lot of legitimate work. Each was about 45,000 to 50,000 words.

Over in ‘Free Stuff’ I did a 15,000 word feature on STARLOST, The Rise and Fall of a Canadian Star Trek, I think it’s actually pretty good. I’m working on Starlost Reviews, and Starlost Universe.  Why?  I dunno. It’s definitely not commercial – it’s going to end in free stuff. But I think it’s interesting and worthwhile.  I’m not going to get rich, so why not do things that I enjoy and find valid.

So in writing related activities – two projects, look for Agents, and learn more about promotion and marketing. This blog is part of both those efforts.  Much more overtly the second.

Upcoming projects – Retroverse.  Basically, I’m working on a novel set in the 1950’s.The Premise? World rebuilds from WWII, the Cold War gets underway, and America stumbles into Korea, there’s another war going on in space over our heads – a war between the descendants of a forgotten Atlantis, a war between planets and genders. A spaceship crashes, something unearthly is loose, and Jack Agar, an intelligence officer, and his assistant, Mary Kazan.

The idea of the Retroverse is that all those Sci Fi movies from the 1950’s – Queen of Outer Space, This Island Earth, War of the Worlds, Destination Moon and all the rest, are all connected to each other, and are all part of a kind of ‘cinematic universe,’ a secret history which runs from the alien invasions of the postwar era to the space exploration of the 21st century.  I wrote a summary of the background of the Retroverse, and the hidden connections, in The Fall of Atlantis.’

I’ve already got a good start on it,  I think I’m about 30,000 or 40,000 words in, and I want to wrap up around 80,000 to 100,000 words. So there’s a good chance I might be able to finish it before the end of the Coronaclypse.

Axis of Andes  WWII in South America. Back in 1941, there was a war between Ecuador and Peru over some territory in the Amazon. True history. It was a short little war. Ecuador wasn’t very stable back then, they’d gone through a dozen changes of government, most of them violent, in ten years, so they weren’t really in shape to fight Peru. They lost badly, and lost about 40% of their territory, but it was all rain forest jungle where no one important lived, so no one really cared.  But this is an alternate history, where things go very very badly, Nazis get involved, and the ensuing conflict spreads to almost every nation in South America, and destroys the combatants.  This is pretty well developed, I’ve done a lot of research.  I think it will be a Fossil Cove project.

Empire of Mu.  Another novel, is a fantasy with the premise that the Zealandia continent never sinks. Instead it’s occupied by the ancestors of the Polynesians, who build a civilisation, a fractious warring  proliferation of City states.  In this wild new land, Prince Kamehama embarks on a quest of conquest.

The Sunny Side of the Apocalypse, and Heroes Waiting in Line I have a couple of collections of short stories – not horror this time, but comedy. A lot of the stories are written, but then there’s a lot of partials or ideas that need to be completed, rewritten, revised, some ideas I want to develop.  But it should be fun.  Another couple for Fossil Cove.

Last Man Standing a heavily researched, Doctor Who alternate history. This one where Barbara Benedetti becomes the official Doctor in 1986. This will be one of the free ones, uploaded to Wattpad.  Honestly, it’s already written, I’m just waiting to try and move other projects forward, build more of a readership, before final edit and uploading

The Greatest Unauthorized Doctor Stories, lots of additional research done, lots of new material, expanding to a trilogy. Revised Books 1 and 2 are done.  I just want to finish Volume 3 before uploading the second edition and all three at once.

LEXX Season Four – the end of that quixotic quest. Basically, I have completed drafts for both season three and season four..  The season three book is basically in progress, editing, revision, that kind of stuff.  And I’m planning for later on this year. Season four probably three to six months after that.  I know, there’s probably not much of a market for books about a series that’s been gone for twenty years. But surprisingly, I do sell a few copies.  And frankly, the work the work is done, all the travel, the interviews, the writing. Shame to just leave it.

The War prequel to The Mermaid’s Tale and  The Luck (coming out August 1).  Not started yet, but I’ve been kicking it around and may begin writing.  I like this world, I like these characters.  So if the other books get somewhere and justify, then gee whiz, I’ll do that.

The Greatest Unauthorized Superheroes  fan film reviews, the Joker Blogs, Gamera 4, Godzilla vs the Legendary Wolfman, there’s actually a lot of cool and interesting fan films that would be fun to write about.