Frankenstein vs the Ape!

Hey, that’s me at the bottom!

Welcome to Wild Hunt Press’s Duel of the Monsters, Volume 2.  Chris Nigro, the publisher of Wild Hunt invited me to contribute.

The rules were:

  1. They had to be recognized monsters – Frankenstein’s, Vampires, Wendigo, Sea Serpents, Krakens, Sasquatch, Grizzly, Lizard men, known to folklore, movies, television etc.
  2. They had to fight!
  3. There had to be a definite Winner!

Basically, it’s a big monster throwdown. That sounded like a lot of fun, so I submitted.  My idea was the Frankenstein Monster, of course, or ‘man made monster’ a reanimated creature sewn together from corpses.  Monster #2?  I went back to all those old B&W cheapo movies and a lot of them featured an ‘ape’ as a monster – a guy in a costume.  So there we went.

As to the rest of Duel of the Monsters, here’s the publisher’s copy….

A camping family and a forest ranger are caught between a deadly Bigfoot and a ravenous Killer Grizzly – who end up clashing in mortal combat to determine which is the true king of the forest;

A Man-Made Monster stitched together by a scientist overcome with the usual madness clashes with the latter’s assistant, a sentient Great Ape, in the most demented love story of the century;

A Sea Serpent and a Kraken decide that even the vast ocean depths are not big enough for both of them;

A dangerous Man-Beast is followed by an investigative reporter into the bayou… only for each to have a run-in with the deadly resident swamp Monster;

The dreaded Mr. Edward Hyde visits Paris only to find himself in the crosshairs of the fabled city’s deadliest assassin – the Phantom of the Opera;

A blood thirsty Velociraptor gets loose within the genetics facility that created it… only to cross fangs with an equally bloodthirsty vampire;

A powerful undead Lich finds himself challenged in an old cathedral by a host of flesh-craving Zombies;

An Invisible Woman turned serial killer discovers that her latest targets have been stalked by a predator of a different sort – a man-eating Insectoid Alien;

A man cursed to become a cannabalistic Wendigo finds himself and his family under siege by a rampaging Lizard Man;

A voracious Werewolf takes refuge in a church… only to run afoul of the Gargoyle that prefers having no late night visitors;

Stoner dude Bill Chan once again finds himself caught between two fearsome critters out of lumberjack folklore… only this time, the critters are a spiny Cactus Cat and an elusive Hidebehind.

These creatures are here and ready to rumble for your nightmarish pleasure in the second volume of Duel of the Monsters!

Rated Ex (Explicit) for graphic violence, strong language, sexuality, and intense themes. This book may not be suitable for sensitive readers.

Anyway, the stories are fun, the writers are great, Wild Hunt Press is a terrific outfit!  Check it out!