Convention Appearances!

Go figure.  Despite Covid-19, I will be making appearances at a couple of conventions, thanks to the magic of  Zoom and the intertubes.


San Diego Who Con 2020

A Virtual Con starting today, October 9, 2020

Dr Who Fan films and other fan related creations panel –Join David Dawson from IntelleXual Entertainment, Anna Livingston, Raymond Montemayor and Den Valdron, as they talk about their work and other artistic endeavors each is involved with.

The San Diego Who Con is a California, Doctor Who media convention.  It’s focus is on the creative aspect of Doctor Who.  It’s not a mass market Comic-Con where hundreds of thousands pass through a dealers room. This is more a traditional convention with guests, panels, and programming, and an intimate setting where you can relax and rub shoulders with fans and guests.  I was actually a guest last year at the San Diego Who Con 2019, where I travelled down, and did as many panels as I could, including the History of the Female Doctor; Doctor Who on Stage; the world premiere of the lost feature length fan film Ocean in the Sky, which had not been exhibited since 1979; and a bunch of others.  I had a great time, there, and the people were wonderful.  The year before, I’d been invited, and tried to participate in three online panels, but technology wasn’t friendly.  I’m thrilled to be able to participate again.    As some of you may know, I’m sort of the authority on fan films, particularly Doctor Who fan films having written two books….
The Greatest Unauthorized Doctor Stories, Volume 1
The Greatest Unauthorized Doctor Stories, Volume 2
My fellow panelists included Anna Livingston, who runs one of the largest Doctor Who fan fiction sites on the internet, and is a prolific writer of fiction and fan fiction herself, please feel free to look her archive up, it’s called ‘A Teaspoon and an Open Mind.’
Here own writing is here….   (careful, some of it is for over 18)
Also of note was Raymond Montemayor, who is well known for his stop motion fan films which merge the Star Wars adventures with Toy Story.  You see, like Toy Story, all those Star Wars action figures come alive, and they have to wrestle with being toys and carrying out their adventures.  It’s great stuff.  Winner – Star Wars Fan Film Awards 2018   Check it out here….
The panel was ably hosted by David Dawson, who lead us through the material.
The other panel I’m doing, courtesy of the Interwebs, is for the World Fantasy Convention, 2020.  I’ll repeat that…


Salt Lake City, Utah

October 29 – November 1, 2020

And for the record, I’m pretty thrilled.  As with most conventions in 2020, WFC 2020 is a Virtual Convention.  That’s part of their logo, I’ve pilfered for this blog post by the way.  I’m hoping it’s all right, but if it isn’t, I’ll take it down.

The World Fantasy Convention, is the ‘business convention’ of the Sci Fi, Fantasy and Horror publishing world.  All the big writers attend, the publishers, agents, editors.  It’s where business gets done, deals get made, where the hobnobbing takes place among the industry professionals.

Not only am I going to be doing a panel for the convention, I’m moderating it!

The Laws of Fairyland”   Every society, real and imaginary, has at its basis a legal system, a method of evaluating right versus wrong. What influences have modern legal systems had on fantasy fiction? What fictional worlds demonstrate a finely-tuned legal system, and what impact do those laws have on the development of the stories?

I don’t know who my fellow panelists are.  But I’m looking forward to it, and I plan to give it my all.

And keep your fingers crossed.

It’s ironic, last year, I was in a lot better place as a writer, with an Award shortlisted, critic applauded, novel, The Mermaid’s Tale, available as audiobook paperback and ebook through an extreme will regarded small press publisher, Five Rivers Publishing, and a prequel,  The Luck, about to be released this year, plus a fistful of ebooks.

Now, I’m just an ebook guy, albeit a lot more ebooks.  I think I’ve released five this year, releasing not being the same thing as sales. This year, I’m puttering with short story collections and nonfiction books, and trying to shop four different novels through an assortment of contests, agents and publishers. I think of myself as a writer in potentio, rather than an actual writer – trying hard, maybe someday. One step forward, two steps sideways.

It’s a funny thing. I’m actually quite good at panels at Conventions usually.  That’s not bragging.  Between being a school teacher and being a lawyer, I’m generally quite good at public speaking.  I’m funny, organized, usually work at being ready for a panel, I do research, I organize and present my material.  I’m very good one on, or as a group.  I enjoy a round table panel, particularly the opportunity to bounce off other people.  Throw me a topic, almost any topic, and I run with it.  I’ve got a lot of stories, good and bad, about the experiences.

I’m not sure if it does me any good as a writer. I don’t think it sells books, or really elevates my profile.  Sometimes I feel like I’m on panels through false pretenses. Like I’m a pretend writer, more the image or illusion, of one, rather than a name.  I feel it’s backwards, I’m doing panels, rather than being established with books and sales.  Like a potemkin person.

But honestly, getting the chance to do a panel, and maybe a reading, at something like the World Fantasy Convention.  That’s pretty wonderful, considering just how many amazing and brilliant writers, editors, publishers and agents are attending this.  I’m not worthy. But I’m not turning it down.    😉