The Luck – Blurb!!!

She should have killed it the moment she found it.

But she didn’t.  Killing is what orcs are known for. But when a nameless orcs finds an injured gnome in her nest, an impulse towards mercy catapults them both into a desperate odyssey through a multi-racial city.

Wizards and clandestine societies contend, faceless armies clash in the night and races and nations are drawn into the search for a stolen talisman of ultimate power, all at the behest of a mysterious puppet master.

The orc’s trength and savagery are worthless to her in a world of shadows and deception. Instead, she and her new companion must navigate a cryptic landscape of ever changing rules.

In order to save them both, the orc must master the ultimate game and solve the riddle of the magical object known as The Luck.

Do you like it?
That’s my first attempt at a blurb for my upcoming novel, The Luck, from Five River’s Press.

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Giant Monsters Sing Sad Songs – What’s that about?

I’ve been writing about my kaiju novel, my big giant monsters smashing Seoul, project.

Giant Monsters Sing Sad Songs isn’t about that though. The title is confusing, but it’s completely different. This is a collection of short stories.

It’s not especially about giant monsters. There’s a big giant Godzilla-style lizard in one, and there’s a bigfoot in the other, and that’s about it.

But what it’s really about is melancholy horror. Horror is often supposed to be cathartic. A monster comes along, and either you kill it, or it eats you, the end. It gets resolved one way or the other.

But does it. Do we always live happily ever after once the vampire is staked or the giant monster is bombed? What about living with the consequences? What about the aftermath, the survivors, the recovery. Injuries leave scars, and we have to learn to live with those scars.

So I was interested in the sadness and horror.

That’s what this collection is about. Let me run through the stories for you….

Fossils – What do you do with a giant fire breathing monster that can’t be killed? Well, get out of town. I had this idea for a kaiju wandering around an evacuated Tokyo. An entire city emptied out and silent, and just this solitary creature.

There are a lot of giant monsters out there in movies, Toho has an entire cinematic universe. But mainly, they’re one offs. Each monster is unique, its alone, it’s its own species.

That’s kind of poignant when you think of it. To be so powerful and so alone.

So that’s where I started.

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Writing Giant Monster Porn

Yeah, I realize that’s going to get me picked up on some really peculiar search engines. Bummer.

My current project is writing a Kaiju novel. Kaiju, I believe, is Japanese for ‘strange monsters’ and is the preferred term for the genre of mostly Japanese giant monster movies. Personally, I describe Kaiju as any fictional/literary giant monster, including American and European contributions like King Kong, Gorga, the Beast From 20,000 Fathoms, the giant Tarantula and so forth. But I think for purists, its only Japanese and maybe Korean.

There’s also a term for movies and television series about guys in spandex leotards grow to giant size to fight giant monsters – Ultraman, Spectreman, Zone Warrior, the Power Rangers etc. – that’s apparently Kyodai Hero. Robots are allowed to be Kyodai Heroes as well, but only if they grow.

Overall, Japanese film or television which makes heavy use of special effects is known as Tokusatsu. So, hey, thanks for stopping by, you learned something useful.

Now where was I?

Oh yeah, writing a giant monster novel.

You don’t really see a lot of those.

Mostly, giant monsters are inherently suited much more to a visual medium. Godzilla for instance has starred in about thirty-six movies over the last seventy years. But the big G hasn’t shown up in a lot of novels.

So actually figuring out how to write one is kind of a challenge.

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H.P. Lovecraft and Me

Yeah, I know. H.P. Lovecraft’s star is in decline these days, what with his racism and all. Ironically, Edgar Allen Poe was a racist AND a pedophile, but he still seems to be okay.  Everyone and everything we love turns out to be horrible.

Go figure.

There’s room, I think, for a fairly nuanced discussion of both Lovecraft’s racism and the racism of his era. I’ll write about that one of these days.

Like it or not, Lovecraft was an incredibly influential writer. Just out there, his weird scary stories had generations of shy young nerds stumbling around mumbling about tentacles and yog sothoth and whatnot.

I was one of those. I’ve actually written a couple of major Lovecraft stories: Dawn of Cthulhu, and Life, Love and the Necronomicon. Major in that they’re long, and I think, unique. Not that they’re famous or anything. But they’re good stories, so check them out. This blog is about trying to sell you on my work after all.

For me, the Lovecraft story was ‘The Colour Out of Space,’ a story which if you are concerned, has no racist aspects whatsoever as far as I can tell, and can be happily read by the most woke among us.

First I read it.

And then I lived it.

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Shut Up! That’s why!

So what am I working on right now?

Well, I could be working on Lexx Unauthorized, Volume II, revising and preparing it for upload. That’s written, I just need to fine tune it. I’ll get that done soon, though.

I could be working on a short story collection called Dark Places Have No Doors , the stories are written, it’s just a matter of commissioning a cover, and getting it edited and uploaded. I’ll get that done soon, though.

I could even be working on The New Doctor, or the Greatest Unauthorized Doctor Stories, Axis of Andes, some additional material for The Luck that Lorina wants, yet another collection of horror stories, a couple of collections of humorous fantasy and sci fi,  Princess of Asylum, A Change of Life, etcetera, all knocking around my hard drive, waiting to be unleashed on an unsuspecting world.  All of which I’ll get around to, sooner or later.

But what I’m working on right now?

A novel about a 1967 giant movie monster from Korea called Yongary?

Why?  Shut up! That’s why!

Is that a good answer?

Probably not.

But bear with me, maybe I’ll have a better one.

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D.G. Valdron Books Carousel

Who Con

I’m preparing for Who-Con in San Diego! Yay! The San Diego Doctor Who Convention ‘Whodunnit’ is one of California’s leading fan based, non-commercial science fiction conventions, noted for its quality of programming. It runs from October. 4 through 6, 2019. I’m attending as a guest, in person, for the first time, and featured on several panels including Doctor Who on Stage, the History of the Female Doctors, Fan films and many more. I’m enthusiastic and excited.